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G.T.  1/12/20

Dr. Singh - Thank you so much for my new sight. I am forever grateful. It has been a very pleasant experience with you and your staff. Thanks again!

E.C.  10/27/20

I am so pleased and happy with my cataract surgery on my right and left eye. Now I can see!! I am so thankful to God for your Gift he gave you for helping us. It's a "MIRACLE"!!

M.B. 12/15/21

Dr. Singh, I could not be happier, I can see 20-20 in both eyes. I haven't seen like that in years. I didn't know how blind I was. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

D.T.  5/25/21

Thanks for a very successful surgery.

So happy-- NO GLASSES!!!

R.O.  3/2/22

I am so pleased and thrilled to have my good eyesight.

Now I can make some putts on the golf course!!

You are terrific.

D.B.  11/30/22

Dr. SIngh! Thanks so much. You have changed my life forever. What you have done is wonderful. God Bless you for your talent. Thanks to your support staff as well!

G.M.  8/20/19

Quiero darle las gracias por mi nueva vista y por aserme muy feliz y por ver muy bonito el mundo, gracias Doctor. Mil gracias por todo que Diocito me lo bendiga

N.J.  6/21/21

I can see so clearly now. Thank you for your expertise. I am very grateful to you for everything you did for my eyes.

N.C.  7/1/20

After wearing glasses all of my life, it is so amazing to now have 20-20 vision! Thank you for your wonderful care.

Y.B-P.  8/8/19

I was very surprised after I took the bandage off. I now have a high beam eye! I want to express my thanks and to let you know "I Love You" Dr. Singh. Again, God bless those hands. See you again to do the other eye.

B.H.  4/16/20

Thank you so much, it was a great experience having surgery. I am still able to read without glasses. Everything is so pretty.

S. M.  7/25/19

Dr. Singh, thank you so very much for your careful expertise and dedication. I had complete confidence in your ability. God has given you a gift. 

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