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The human eye is born with a natural crystalline lens which sits just behind the iris and aids in our eye's focusing capability. As we age, this lens will eventually, unavoidably, become cloudy in a slowly progressive manner. When this lens becomes cloudy, we call it a "cataract."

Cataracts are a natural part of the aging process, so it is easy to see why cataracts are a very common condition in Western society as we appreciate greater and greater longevity. In fact, today, cataract surgery is the most common outpatient procedure performed in the United States.

Of course, other events can cause cataracts to progress more quickly or in a younger patient, including a congenital condition, an injury or trauma, other eye surgery, topical steroid usage, and sun exposure, to name a few.  In our office, Dr. Singh has decades of experience with cataract surgery, and currently operate with the latest technology.



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As with all ocular conditions, each patient's eyes, vision, treatment options, and needs may be different. The best way to determine your individual condition and options is by booking an evaluation with one of our doctors! Contact us.

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