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Blepharitis, which translates to "inflammation of the eyelids," is a common condition that can significantly affect the health and comfort of the ocular surface. 

Most commonly presenting as microscopic "dandruff," flaking, or crusting in or around the eyelashes, accompanied by bacteria, or skin mites called Demodex, blepharitis can cause many issues on the cornea and conjunctiva, including:

  • "Styes" and eyelid infections

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Keratitis (including stromal inflammation)

  • Corneal ulcers

  • Dry eye

  • Corneal neovascularization

  • Conjunctival/inner eyelid scarring

  • Tear film issues/insufficiency

  • and numerous other issues

Many patients who suffer from ocular surface issues do not realize that the problem is actually caused by the condition of the eyelids and lashes. Thus, the condition becomes chronic (while acute episodes are treated with antibiotics, steroids, or both), because the underlying eyelid condition is never treated or addressed.


At Eye Specialists of Texas, we take a full-view approach to treating the ocular surface, including complete treatment of blepharitis and other conditions of the eyelids and lashes. With this management, we are often able to treat and actually resolve many patients' stubborn or chronic ocular surface issues by treating the root cause.

Blepharitis is quite common. Schedule an evaluation with one of our doctors to see if treating blepharitis should be part of your management.


Blepharitis visible on eyelashes


Keratitis and neovascularization caused by blepharitis

As with all ocular conditions, each patient's eyes, vision, treatment options, and needs may be different. The best way to determine your individual condition and options is by booking an evaluation with one of our doctors! Contact us.

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