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At Eye Specialists of Texas, we specialize in the management and treatment of all conditions and diseases of the cornea. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Corneal ulcers and infections

    • bacterial ulcers, viral infections including shingles and herpes, fungal and amoeba infections, etc.​

  • Corneal abrasions

  • Corneal transplants

    • Penetrating keratoplasty​

    • Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty including DALK

    • Posterior Lamellar Keratoplasties including DMEK and DSAEK

  • Corneal dystrophies

    • Fuch's

    • Keratoconus

    • Map Dot Fingerprint/Anterior Basement membrane dystrophy

    • Hereditary corneal dystrophies including Macular, Granular, Avellino, Fleck, Posterior Polymorphic, etc.

  • Salzmann's nodular degeneration

  • Corneal scars

  • Corneal foreign bodies

  • Corneal growths, including pterygia and ocular cancers

  • Corneal trauma including lacerations and penetrating injury

  • and many more.

Whether your corneal condition is acute or longstanding, we use every possible resource and the latest technology to assess your individual needs. Our doctors have a commitment to presenting you with the best possible information and recommendations for safe, effective treatment and management of your corneal condition to maximize your ocular health and vision.




Fungal corneal ulcer


Corneal inflammation and neovascularization


Corneal calcium deposits

As with all ocular conditions, each patient's eyes, vision, treatment options, and needs may be different. The best way to determine your individual condition and options is by booking an evaluation with one of our doctors! Contact us.

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